April 23, 2012

etsy faves: current

the other night after a long (& super busy shift at work) i was having troubles sleeping so was up late, etsy browsing and came across some awesome things i thought i'd share:
 i love my cowboy boots but they get a bit hot sometimes in the summer months (usually doesn't stop me from wearing them though) ...these cuties are the perfect alternative though, don't you think?

pretty certain this dress needs to belong to me.
this is a new (canadian!!) shop which i came across recently; heidi and seek boutique which i think you'll be seeing a lot more of in the next bit ;)

loving this beautiful crocheted tank. reminds me of something free people would create (but definitely more affordable!)

i love the cute collar on this red polka dotted halter dress this shop has some seriously amazing pieces!

this jacket is perfect! i've been searching for something similar for spring lately...

 i love all things maxi length...and this gorgeous dress is no exception!!

isn't this necklace amazing! dirdy birdy has some great stuff in her shop right now! use coupon code BLOGGED20 for 20% off!

don't forget to enter the adventurer vintage giveaway to win a $25 shop credit!!