April 26, 2012

hair play

man oh man...over the years, i've had every 'typical' hair colour (red, brown, blonde, black) & then some...i thought it would be fun to share some rather old photos of me with you guys! short, long, in between - i've had it all!

 who is this girl...right? totally opposite of what i have now! i'd loooove to go back blonde but it would just be way too damaging on my locks & i've worked too hard for the length i have now!

one of richy's birthdays...party bus to toronto. SUCH a fun night!! i kind of loved my hair this length/colour...

i know you're totally only looking at how adooorable andy is in this photo...and that's okay!

 oh manic panic, how i loved you! i also miss this friend (jeff) & his bf kirk like MAD!

 short was fun...for about a month or two then i totally regretted cutting it and have had about 2 hair 'trims' since haha...this was about 3 1/2 years ago!

 blondes do have more fun. i think that's a fact.

i love seeing old photos of people when i didn't know them, don't you? if you have old photos/hairstyles, i'd love for you to do a post & link me to it in the comments!