April 1, 2012

a really wonderful weekend

& that's exactly what it was. see? told you julie is the cutest ever...she always has adorable messages waiting for me on her chalkboard teapot

so saturday we walked...literally ALL day long haha about 5 1/2 hours long and neither of us bought anything (okay i bought my david's tea) but we didn't buy anything else which is pretty monumental for the both of us as we are usually a terrible influence on each other in that respect. anyways, we walked all over toronto...then back...

we ran into cannabis man so obviously had to take a photo with him!

we looked at pretty vintage dresses in kensington market

we had gelato's at the airport...just kidding we're in the eaton center but it totally reminded me of an airport with the new reno's they've done. these gelato's were the best ever after searching for gluten free treats for the better part of the day

this is peter slack. he was being my asian boyfriend by carrying my purse (ever noticed asian bf's carry their gals purses? so nice of them!) plus my purse was heavy for unknown reasons i complained about all day, lol

cute cute cute! i love kensington

shoulda bought this rug, was on sale from $100 down to $20 (a hundred, i know, what?!) super cute though...total regrets

oops this photo is out of order. these were our cute roadies when we were heading to the show...of course they're in take away cupcake cups

we celebrated earth hour...

by sipping wine & mixing with a monster energy drink...yuuup, totally not bad either! quite yummy

only photo i took of gotye. you can totally tell it's them eh? lol

oh ya, took this one too. it was a big hit on instagram!

this is my friend matt, we dated when we were like 16 or something and i hadn't seen him in a reallllly long time! hi matt :) side note: it was ex bf night for me. after we left the kool haus and matt & his friend dropped us off close to julie's place (we were in search of a bar as it was only midnight) we ran into another ex of mine, jacob who was with his gf, we hugged, chit chatted, then jumped into a cab that played strictly MJ (awesome!) and had a few drinks at a bar on the other side of town. i hadn't seen him in 4-5 years so that was really nice too!

this was my new best friend. why? because he gave me gluten free poutine which has pretty much been the saddest part of my new gluten-free life

this morning we had breaky-lunch at frans

this weekend was exactly what i needed. i got some not-so-awesome news on friday and so spending time with julie was just what i needed, she makes me feel so happy - fuck i love that girl. oh and we did a vlog juuuust for you guys, lol it's actually really terrible and pointless but julie wants to post it anyway. gotye was awesome! we missed the opener which was kimbra (wasn't advertised at all - sad i missed her) and the encore was the best part as they played most of my favourites then! had fun laughing and drinking and dancing my cares away this weekend.

also, some new goals:
to move to toronto,
to steal julie's awesome apartment (jk!)
to get a wicked job

thanks for being awesome julie. i love you so much!