April 17, 2012

an unexpected tangent...on being proud!

sometimes when bad things happen, it's easy to get all debbie downer on your life and start feeling lost and don't get me wrong, sometimes you need to have those down days, those 'ohmygodwhatamidoingwithmylife!' days in order to appreciate when you do start feeling better and more positive about what's going on in your life.

i've had a few hurdles lately that i've had to jump over - between work (changing jobs) and school (finishing college!) there has been a lot of different things going on and seemingly all at once too but i dealt with it and i feel really great about my current path. this might sound slightly cocky and i truly don't want it to but i am proud of myself. that's allowed, right? heck ya it is! to back up a little and explain why, i'll start from the beginning. after high school i knew i wasn't quite ready for university so i did what my friends & i called a 'victory lap' and upgraded some of our courses. at the end of that year i applied for university and got into the 3 i applied for. i chose st.catharines and completed 2 years there (of what should have been a 4 year degree) my parents joke and say i got my degree in partying because yes, i did have an awesome social life and was really enjoying living on my own...i still don't think i was ready when i went though, the reason being that i was going for my bachelor of arts in general studies (ya, wtf does that even mean, right? ...well, not much) i know a lot of people who have graduated with 4 year university degrees and still cannot get a job and have ended up at college. not saying that university is a waste of time...and even for me, even though i didn't get a degree i still do not regret everything i learned and my experience i had there (plus i wouldn't have met aly had i not of gone) annnnyways, long story short...i moved home from university, worked full-time at urban planet for a year & a half (...i know!!) met mikey & moved to peterborough, i worked a few different jobs then got stuck somehow working at a call center (barf!) next thing i knew, i had woken up one day (after an awesome bout of stress leave) decided that that was not going to be my life, and decided to go to college. now, two years later, i am just days away from being done and i can honestly say that going back was the best thing i ever did...and i'm proud not only because i completed it but because it was 110% MY decision. so what if i'm going to be 26 in a few months and just graduating now when most of my friends have been in careers for a few years? NOT ME! i'm proud that i did it and i did it on my own.

as i said, i'll be graduating in a few days and you might be thinking 'alright, so now what?' i can happily say that i will not be looking for a full-time job quite yet. i want to selfishly enjoy some 'me' time before heading into a 9-5 mon-fri job...and i am perfectly okay with that as once again it was my decision. for now i have 2 awesome part-time jobs (as previously stated, there's been a bit of a change up - which i will share more about later) and i am pretty excited about everything that's to come...

wowza. this was much longer than expected. i didn't realize i'd be going on such a tangent. if you got through this then i commend you. you guys are really great!