May 27, 2012

the best time!

you guys i think i may have just had one of the best weekends i've had in a really long time! friday night after work i took the bus to toronto to my cousin eryn's place. we spent the night catching up over a bottle of wine on her rooftop patio as it was a beautiful night. saturday we drank too much coffee & then headed to blog podium where we met up with new and old friends & fellow bloggers. it was such a lovely event which was put together so wonderfully. i really feel like i took a lot away from the event as everyone who spoke had something interesting to say and they really targeted a lot of key topics that i have been thinking of more and more for my own blog. 

after some mingling, wine & meeting/picking up some awesome goodies from the sponsors of the event, a bunch of us grabbed some food at everest on queen west in celebration of elycia's birthday. we bid farewell to a few people & the remaining ladies carried on to rachel's and then went out for a night on the town! what a fun evening, holy moly!! if you follow any of us on instagram you would have seen a very small portion of the fun and craziness that ensued. these ladies are awesome! we seriously had way too much fun together:

holly of holly knitlightly 
elycia (& ivan!) from love elycia
eryn from red food colouring 
chantilly from my girl thursday
kait from miss kait online
mel from smiles from mel

& some fun smilebooth photos:

 (pretty sure this was the jumping one, lol)

 so many unexpected candids!

there are more photos here & here

also, i kept this mostly short & sweet because i have read so many amazing re-caps already, like julie's which you can read here and i also thought that adriane did a really thorough review of the event & what she learned which you can read here

eeee, overall it was just a really, really, really great time. it's so awesome spending time with people that you have so much in common with and geeking out over blog related stuff. i'm wishing we could re-do yesterday over & over again...i'm sad it's over but we already have plans for more summer adventures soon!

there were so many times when we were out (ex: at dinner) & i kept thinking "man, if other people were listening to us talk" haha, they'd have no idea what/who we were talking about...

you know you're with bloggers when:
+ you have to make it a rule that everyone puts away their iphones over dinner
+ talking about other bloggers as if you've met/are BFFs
+ dinner is interrupted by a 'very important announcement' that rachel had just read on her phone (bleubird vintage is having a boy!) lol, yes this actually happened
+ everyone is documenting everrrrything
+ instagram is a topic of almost every conversation
+ you refer to other people by their online persona/name