May 9, 2012

pretty stuff

els & i trying on the new TOMS eyewear at work today. the pair i have on in this photo are my faves!

isn't she a babe?

went to the loveliest baby shower on sunday, the decor & treats were amazing! not to mention it was in a gorgeous house on the water

oh ya & this adorable fluffball was there too!! isn't he the cuuuutest?

mikey & i enjoyed lunch & a few beers on monday, we had a lovely day off together

another one from the shower. my friends are the prettiest
ps: the little lady on the right is katie, you should follow her blog, she's seriously so gorgeous & know's how to put together an outfit like no other!

wearing my pyrite bangle from dirdy birdy & my new stacking rings from autumn equinox 

more photos of the decor from B's baby shower...i seriously want my wedding tables to look just like this...

rocking my ugglebo clogs on a gorgeous sunny day. their big sale is still happening until may 13th, don't miss out!! 25-45% off select shoes...a lot of select shoes too :)

the treats table from the baby shower, isn't it adorable?

speaking of adorable, mikey brought me roses to work the other day for absolutely no reason at all, i'm a lucky gal

things are going really great over here for me. i am in love with my new job at save our soles and am so lucky to work with my good friends and be surrounded by pretty shoes all day! i'm really enjoying the (mostly) sunny weather we've been having lately and am getting really excited for summer!
mikey & our friend colin just cleaned out our attic/second floor and it looks SO good! i wish we had of taken before photos (but i'll post some after shots soon) they got it all nice and cleaned up for my birthday party in a month. they are going to be playing with their band and shooting their first music video that night too so i'm really excited for it!! 

life is good friends, life is good!