June 3, 2012

around the blogosphere

i love this lace back chambray shirt DIY from a beautiful mess but i have a fear that i'd ruin a perfectly good shirt in the process!

 mel is one of the craftiest ladies i know! she took an old tapestry & sewed it onto this shirt. the result? gorgeous.

 miss indie has been doing a 'yay or no way' feature on her blog of beauty products which is awesome as i hate spending money on something only to find i don't like it at all! 

brian was someone i had the pleasure of meeting at blog podium last weekend. para paints was giving away these fan decks and look at what he used them for. isn't it gorgeous? looove it!

there is a free printable on heart handmade for these cute geo boxes!

anything you'd like to share that you've seen around the blogosphere lately? 

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