June 1, 2012


things i'm looking forward to in june:

+ graduating college (this wednesday) holy moly...
+ my 26th birthday (june 13th)
+ my birthday (house) party/shooting of the first lumbermen music video! (june 16th)
+  hopefully getting up to my cottage for a few days

also looking forward to mornings that this guy & i don't work until the afternoon so we can spend mornings like today drinking coffee & listening to records ♥

it's raining outside right now, happy june 1st eh? i can't believe that 2012 is almost halfway over...what the what, where does the time go?

i also wanted to mention that i'm blogging now for the shop i work at, SOS - Save Our Soles, so if you want to catch me blogging about my true love (shoes!) you can visit/follow me here & you can shop online with us here

happy friday!