June 26, 2012

( lately )

loving: days off & not having an agenda...i posted the other day about slowing down & i'm really trying to live by that 

reading: it's your money: becoming a woman of independent means by gail vaz-oxlade (woman is a genius, SO glad my mum bought me this book!)

listening to: of monsters & men...yes, still. i'm kind of obsessed

eating: banana popsicles...all day everyday.

anticipating: this is sort of silly because it's a year away but i am already really looking forward to my brother & carrie's destination wedding next summer!!

watching: mikey & i are still watching lost. also i watched 50/50 last night & it was really good! 

a few other things worth sharing:
+ see that girl in the photo up there? that's my bestie aly & that photo was taken last july when i surprise visited her in BC...i miss her a lot! love you al ♥
+ i love this girl...seriously, her blog has quickly become my favourite. i often find her posts are reflective of how i am feeling so it's always lovely to read her posts
+ desiree is offering up a gift card to her new online shop, tango - enter here
+  i am really loving these air plants lately 
+ DIY glitter nail polish? yes please!
+ i plan on doing a 26 before 27 list soon, so stay tuned for that!
+ alright, who wants to have a tie dye night? i'm ready for it!
+ i love this nail look & will be trying it soon!