June 14, 2012

new blog design!

incase you haven't noticed, there have been some changes around here on miss teacups and it is all thanks to this pretty little lady whom i ADORE. amy is a wonderful designer...she did my last two blog designs and i've always been head over heels with the outcome. she whipped this up in just a few days after i told her my 'vision' for it and 2 days later (after she jumped in my head to see exactly how i wanted it) out popped this new little beauty. don't you love it? i'm not even kidding when i say that it is exactly what i wanted!! thank you SO much amy, you're the best girl!!

ps: please be patient as i work out the kinks (aka: sponsor buttons will be switching over) if you're a current sponsor, please send me a 300x100 button as soon as you can, thanks!)