July 5, 2012

the life

sunday night, monday & tuesday of this past week was spent at my parents place (kind of weird calling it that as for the past 2 years it's been a cottage but the house i grew up in won't be their's at the end of the month & this will be their new home!) we celebrated canada day by going for dinner, walking the town & grabbing spots for the firework show - which was awesome! monday we had great weather so i read outside all day. my gramma stayed over sunday night too so it was great to spend some time with her! 

i absolutely love that this is becoming my parents new home really soon. i also love that it is only 45 minutes away, absolutely beautiful & on the lake. everyone keeps asking me if i'm sad that my childhood home is being sold...of course, but i haven't lived there for quite some years now & having a gorgeous place like this to replace it with, definitely softens the blow... 

dinner overlooking the lake...yep, i can get used to this!

no filter on this photo...the clouds were amazing!

funny burn lines through cut off shorts

have you been frequenting cottages lately? that's pretty much the only reason why i like summer...otherwise this heat has got to go!