July 9, 2012

monday, lovely monday

 today was lovely...had a bit of a sleep in, met up with my gal pal elsa, pampered ourselves a little with a mani & pedi and then treated ourselves to a margarita & some delicious mexican food from a local restaurant in town. it was absolutely delicious! tonight we're headed to mikey's mums place to celebrate his birthday. my tummy is so very happy today! oh & the best part about today? was coming home, feeling slightly guilty for spending money on myself when i'm trying so darn hard to save...and there was a government cheque waiting for me in the amount i spent (+ a little more!) BEST!

...i didn't think i'd like the look of a french manicure on my toes but i really dig it! i think it makes me look classy (haha, shhh don't laugh!)

i am SO in love with the colour of this polish (it didn't quite pick up the right hue in these photos) but it's called bikini so teeny and it's the prettiest periwinkle blue. i got home & ordered one for my collection right away! i'm also showing off my 'bueno' ring, i've only wanted one for forever...i love the mucho mucho buneo bueno gals so much! they also make really neat key necklaces which you can customize & you can customize a ring as well! you can check out their awesome little shop here

i hope your monday was as happy as mine!