August 19, 2012

this week i:

 celebrated 4 1/2 years with this handsome guy. these photobooth pictures were taken on our one year anniversary in toronto

had cuddles with this little cutester...she gets cuter by the second i think

mikey & i went to toronto to meet up with my best friend aly who was in town from BC with her boyfriend jamie

free beer makes ME smile!

we had lots of drinks & dinner at everest. it was a lovely visit, one that i wish hadn't of been so quick :(

today i am having visits from another bff, lianne. she's coming to town for the next couple days which is awesome as we haven't seen each other for a few months!

this past week has felt pretty long. i've been having troubles sleeping which is never fun and for some reason i wake up and my mind is racing (with nothing in particular, which is's not like i have a lot on my mind or anything) anyway, i'm hoping to catch up on sleep this week!