September 15, 2012

the good ol' days

haha omg do you guys ever find yourself on facebook (or wherever you store your photos) just getting lost in old photos, memories & amazing times/friends that you miss? that was my last couple of hours. it's also hilarious seeing your style, mistakes, etc...oi, it's funny!

i freaking love this girl. always have, always will! 
we're going on 10 years of friendship ♥

the many hair's of carly. always loved big rings!

the beginning of the friendship between my two favourite boys, my now boyfriend (ya that's mikey in the massive glasses on the left) & my bff richy!

haha, neon party...the first night i came to visit mikey in peterborough/met everyone/got super nervous-wasted & kind of made of an asshole of myself

meg & i - so long ago! i literally loved this girl from day one (this was pretty much day one haha)

haha that is definitely not an iphone! this was a time in my life where i smoked kind of a lot of pot (no one ever talks about pot on their blog...weird!) anyway, and ya bree and i were basically inseparable & had a lot of sleepovers!

this was in university. i'm mainly posting this photo because my hair was awesome! what? it was!

LOL. okay, so this pose is obviously a joke...but my outfit and those puka shells are not...*sigh* style clearly needs time to evolve