October 6, 2012

cats & dogs

the cats & dogs in my life...or rather cat & dog as there's only one of each. i was just messing around with my camera as it's been on my list of goals for months now...learn how to really use my DSLR since i paid so much money for it, i should really know how to use it, right?

meet eleanor. if you follow me on instagram (@missteacups) then you've seen this cute face before. she is our bosses dog and we puppy sit her somewhat often & she always makes for a cute photo op. i couldn't decide if i liked the colour photo i edited better than the black & white. i always have a soft spot for b&w for some reason...

this one of andy i really messed around with the clarity, but kind of really loved the outcome.

i feel like the lighting in this one is a good depiction of our place. it's basically sepia toned in our living room.

so soft! don't you want to snuggle the crap out of her?

& last but not least...my favourite one of the bunch

i am in love with this one of miss eleanor. 
god she's cute.