October 4, 2012

etsy faves: the best of the best

one of my favourite etsy shops; babooshka boutique has 20% off a lot of their pieces right now. i'm lusting after these pretties. this shop is epic & you'll be seeing a bit more from them in future outfit posts ;) i'm pretty sure the creator of these pieces & my brain are on the exact same wavelength!

loving the look of these extreme loose knit sweaters lately. 
hey knitty friends, anyone want a new adventure? i'm sure you couldn't screw up as it kind of has that look going on anyway...

i want these beautiful chunky boots on my feet please. preferably worn with the above outfit. thanks.

another favourite etsy shop which i've purchased from before...i am loving this great bracelet from inali

alexz makes such amazing bags. they are hand crafted, completely unique and well, i have a bigtime girl crush on alexz so maybe i'm a little biased but i think that they are AWESOME! and she does custom pieces too.

well there you have it...some of my recent etsy faves. i'm quickly realizing that i just put together a pretty amazing outfit above.