October 10, 2012

fall creates the most beautiful photos

oh ya, my boyfriend is a total babe, didn't you know? this is such a good photo of him (if i do say so myself) i love it! he got his haircut too, i don't think blog-world knows about that yet!

one of my 'fall goals' if you will - or rather, life goals i should say, is to get more comfy with my camera & better at taking photos as it is something i truly enjoy 
(plus i spent $500+ on a camera so i should probably use it, right?)
this past thanksgiving weekend, we went to my parents place. fall is my favourite season because everything seems so fresh & colourful - and the trees are stunning! i had a great thanksgiving - two amazing dinners & a few days off to relax. we went for a walk one day which resulted in these photos...these were my favourites of the bunch.

dad rocks the canadian tuxedo, ohhh yaaa!

doesn't it look like the background around him is painted? crazy...

i love fall so much, ahhh!