October 31, 2012

happy hallowe'en!

this year we had a party at our place on saturday night [which was awesome!] so it totally feels like hallowe'en has already passed even though it's today. i dressed up as snow white as you can see and considering it was mostly last minute, it came together pretty well i thought!

...just realized that if mikey had of gone as what he went last year this year, he could have been one of my seven dwarfs, darn! 

i, like everyone else, am wondering where the hell october went? is this a sign of getting older - when days and months and YEARS go by so damn fast you don't even know what's happening? it must be. it's getting crazy though...this summer pretty much didn't even exist it went by so quickly and i feel like before we know it, it'll be christmas!

did you dress up this year, what did you go as? i don't think i'll ever grow tired of costume parties! but now that hallowe'en is over [or it will be at the end of the day] it's time to think christmas!