January 17, 2013

an open letter to davids tea

dear david's tea,

i don't know who david is, but i want to marry him.

okay, so maybe...let's say 2 years ago, i fell in love. not love at first sight, but love at first sip. a lady my mum worked with got her hooked, then my mum got me hooked and since i've paid it forward and gotten a few friends hooked too. i had found my perfect green tea, called matcha genmaicha then low and behold, what do you do? discontinue it. i was heart broken. i tried contacting you to order all of the back stock you possibly had left because i loved the tea that much, but to no avail. then i found a new favourite, simply the genmaicha which only makes sense because it had tiny bits of popcorn in it and lord knows i love me some popcorn. i could have held a grudge for david's discontinuing my favourite tea, but i couldn't stay away. at this point i had already purchased 2 or 3 of your perfect tea mug's and those single handedly changed the way i drink tea. not even being over dramatic (well, maybe a little) but it just made it...smoother? tastier? all of the above. these mugs make my tea drinking experience awesome'r. 
yep, it's a thing. 
i now have a cupboard full of pretty silver tins & bags with delicious teas in them to enjoy whenever i want...and i never want it any other way.

this past christmas i got the beautiful noble glass travel mug & the giant perfect tea mug...because having one of the perfect mugs that's even bigger? hell yes, i am all over that...and i'm obsessed with it. your packaging and colours and fonts and designs are awesome, the tea - even better and the accessories you make to alter your tea drinking experience, wicked! i truly love you, david...whoever you may be.

this was not a sponsored post. 
however, if david's tea would like to sponsor me, i am all for it.