January 13, 2013

i randomly had the weekend off. usually when i have a weekend off it's because i've booked it off for something in particular so it was nice to work mon-fri & then have two days off back to back. i had a list of boring things to do like laundry & grocery shopping & cleaning but instead i spent yesterday...

. shopping & thrifting with jess & having awesome luck
. treating ourselves to starbucks
. visiting with B & clive (baby snuggles)
. more shopping
. randomly upgrading my iphone to the 4S
. more treating ourselves, this time to poutine
. drinking beers with friends
. spending the night on the patio of one of our favourite spots
(it was so mild for mid-january in ontario)

today i'm not getting out of my jammies, drinking tea & catching up on blogs/internet happenings. no grocery shopping or laundry or cleaning (well, some) got done & that's okay because i had an absolutely lovely weekend!

& of course because i got a new phone, that means fun new cases! i've been dying for a print from the obey & hello kitty collab (two of my faves!) but the prints are going on ebay for $600+ (ha!) soooo i settled for the $15 iphone case instead.
 how was your weekend??