January 28, 2013

updates & stuuuuff

quick little update.

a) i've been feeling like absolute shit the past three days. i've been constantly tired, headachy, stomach cramping + other unmentionables. no i'm not pregnant. my stomach has always been an asshole & i have a lot of issues with it but that's a whole other story. anyway, i feel gross & it sucks.

b) on the plus side, it's given me time to work on some black&bronze pieces. i am so anxious to get the etsy up & running but i also want it to be perfect & for there to be a lot of pieces so i am taking my time. you guys will just have to wait a wee bit longer ;)

c) i'm tired of winter. canadian winters? fun, for about 2 weeks...maybe not even that. i've gotten spring fever wicked early this year when in reality i have a solid 2, maybe 3 months of winter left. blargh! 

d) i just checked & the last time i did an outfit post was dec 4th, i need to get with that. for those who care, i'm sorry. 

here's some blurry IG black&bronze sneek peaks for those who don't have IG, twitter or facebook (which is probably only my parents at this point. hi mum&dad!)

i really love them. can i say that? i really love what i've been creating. there, i said it again. i know that confidence in what you're doing is sometimes seen as cocky but i don't think it should be & i'm trying to get better at that. i think everyone should try to get better at that. we are so quick to put ourselves down & the second we say something nice about ourselves, all of a sudden we're cocky? that's so backwards! anyway, black&bronze...get excited for it!

oh & my nails...because they looked really freaking cool & i love this mani!

i've been getting a lot of ?s mainly on IG about how to do this. it's SO easy you guys! i'm not even just saying that...it truly is! okay, take your nail brush (yup, the one that is already on your polish, not even a special one) and draw a strip 3/4 of the way down your nail, then move your brush to the middle & draw a strip 1/2 the way down (see how easy this is?!) then move your brush to the other side & draw a strip 1/3 of the way down. let that colour dry, then repeat with a second colour (obviously leaving a space for the bottom colour to shine through) repeat as many times as you like creating the mani above...so fun!

so needless to say my week is off to a bit of a rough start but my nails look cool, and sometimes that's all you can ask for in life right?

did you see my post below re: vlogging? i need questions though so leave some in the comments...i'm an open book, ask me anything! yup...annnnything!