February 25, 2013

a great weekend

i spent a lovely weekend working in toronto with my bosses & the cutest baby in the world! we were in town for 2 days for the toronto shoe show and were booking for fall '13 so boots, boots and more boots...aka: my heaven.

it's all in the details. i am obsessed with sam edelman. that first photo shows my absolute favourite boot from the show. it's tough because now i'm dying for next fall haha, i want them on my feet now!!

 we love love love the petty boot so seeing it coming in new colours was pretty exciting! one of each please.

spending time with my favourite tiny man was awesome too! is he not the cutest little man you've ever seen?! he breaks my heart on the regular.

i love this one! i was tickling his back & he'd giggle everytime. ahhhh! the cuteness...

hehe!! gawd he's cuuuuute, i seriously can't get over it!! excuse my silly face i was trying to make him laugh, which worked!

seeing cougar boots was one of my favourite appointments as well. they are coming out with some amazing features & styles for fall. water resistant suede? believe it!!

i also really loved this line & had fun trying on all of the pretty shoes & boots they had! they're called lola ramona and they have some REALLY fun shoes! you should check them out for sure.

anyway, shoes & babies & amazing bosses - it was a great time & i really enjoy getting to be a part of the buying process for my job.

tomorrow i'm heading back to week after a week off & i'm looking forward to it!