February 19, 2013

a trip to toronto

in celebration of our 5 year anniversary mikey & i went to toronto for 3 days. normally we head down south somewhere warm but this year we decided to change it up a bit because my brother is getting married down south within in the year. 

grabbing coffee & lunch before we hopped on the bus. we left on saturday & got there around 4pm. we stayed at the bond place hotel which was nice. it was a pretty nice room, newly renovated - pretty teeny but we weren't in it much & don't need much room so it was perfect. we mostly liked the location & that it was right central downtown (at dundas square) & affordable! we did a little wandering around & then went back to our room to get ready for dinner. our original plans were to go to gusto for dinner but it was already around 8pm & we had read online that it gets really busy really quickly so we went to the pickle barrel which was just a 30 second walk from the hotel.

 holy moly! this photo of us before dinner got 130 likes on IG, a personal best for me...i was shocked, lol.

the following day we did a ton of walking around (it was SO very cold!) & shopping! we had lunch at a cute pizza place called gelato pizza in parkdale (they sold gelato...and pizza...no kidding, eh?) & visited some of the best vintage spots in toronto.

a few of my finds from public butter! this place is a freaking gold mine. eryn & i stumbled upon it the last time i was in toronto & holy moly am i ever glad that we did!! that camo jacket & sunnies were only $10 each & i also found an amaaaaazing genuine leather jacket for $20! you know that high you get from thrifting something you've been on the hunt for for years? literally years i have been looking for the perfect leather jacket & it was so worth the wait because it's amazing & at $20? yes please! 

for those wondering why there isn't a photo, it's because it deserves it's own post so you'll be seeing that soon ;)

 that night we met up with eryn & peter for dinner. julie & her peter were supposed to join us but julie was too sick so that was pretty shitty :( we decided that since it was sunday night we'd try gusto as mikey had his little heart set on that place and we thought it'd be a bit less busy...we were wrong! we only had to wait for about 20 minutes but the place was packed!! and got even moreso after we got there so we got there in good time! 

the atmosphere was awesome! it's a small place so you're really packed in there but it's a good kind of loud/busy environment. i had probably the best meal in my life...not even exaggerating, the food is that good! they make their own bread there, so soft & fresh! & i had a pasta dish that was out of this world amazing. we shared a bottle of wine & between the food & the company, it was a pretty perfect evening!

after that we all weren't quite ready to part ways so we headed to a bar called wvrst which was SO adorable! twinkly lights over head and picnic tables all around made it such a cozy place to go for after dinner drinks. beer was drank & good conversation was had!

the next morning we woke up, had a quick lunch & then had a sleepy bus ride back home. we napped a lot yesterday & today we've done a huge clean of the apartment! we're hoping to shoot black&bronze today & i'm hoping *fingers crossed* to get the shop up & running by the end of the week!

i had so many blogs to read when i got home but i love catching up with everyone over tea ;)