February 21, 2013

baby brain

babies...everybody's having them!

i just saw on my blog feed that my pal elycia is expecting a baby boy & i am over the moon excited for her! (first time i wrote that, i typo'ed and wrote bot...i thought you'd think that might be funny elycia. i hope you have a human and not a robot!) anyway, it got me thinking about babies...duh. i love babies. i always have. i've always known i wanted to be a mum someday and lately, as my clock's a tickin' so they say, i have babies on the brain more & more it seems. 

my friend & i were chatting yesterday about babies (as i was looking after hers) & how to know when you're ready/if you're ever really ready & how much it changes your life. i know i've been asked a few times "when are you guys getting hitched? when are you having babies?" & i'm by no means in any rush, but i certainly have baby brain...and wedding brain...and grown-up life brain (yes, it's a thing) anyway, i'd never want to rush my life away, i'm not saying that - a baby would totally rock my world right now, not sure in what way...but i'm excited for it. i'm excited to be pregnant mainly, i was talking to des about this the other day (wow, i DO talk about it a lot it seems) & how i don't think i'm ready for a baby yet, but i want to be pregnant. i thought that might be a weird thing but she didn't think so. 

anyways!! babies...babies are awesome & one day i'll have one in my belly & this post will be the exciting news that you guys thought you were going to hear when you read the subject line...my apologies