March 13, 2013

peek at my week

i started my week off with some retail therapy from last weekend in which i came away with 2 new pieces, both of which are PINK. for those who are new around here, or maybe have just never noticed...i don't 'do' pink...or rather, i didn't use to! i really loved this neon pink loose knit sweater though & the girls said the colour worked on me so i'm trying it out!

more pink. this time in the form of a smoothie/frozen yogurt minus the yogurt. i've been making this as my after dinner treat some nights. it's SO delicious & creamy! no dairy involved as it's whole30 compliant of course. all it is is 1/3 coconut milk, 2/3 frozen fruit & filled up with water, in the magic bullet. deliciously creamy & sweet minus the sugar!

i tried these no wheat tacos the other night and they were awesome! you'd never even notice that the bread wasn't there. i used a head of lettuce as the wrap, lean ground chicken, avocado, tomato & salsa - so yummy!!

another delicious little whole30 treat.
coconut milk, unsweetened apple sauce, one banana & 1/2 a dragon fruit!

for those wondering or who care, the whole30 is going amaaaazingly! i am on day 16, so over halfway there & i seriously feel so good! i have a laundry list of reasons why the whole30 is amazing & great & fantastic but i will save them for another blog post ;)

it's finally spring here! some days are chilly but for the most part the sun is shining & it's been melting the snow which means i can wear a LOT more of my shoes now, like these beauties from the store i work at S.O.S
you can snag your own pair online here

i had a tattoo date with teddy this week!

here are what my leaves looked like before. this was the first tattoo that i got from tedd almost 5 years ago now. as you can see the colour was fading (especially the yellows) & well, to be honest i knew that since i've been going to him for the past 5 years that he's improved so much & could make them look better so we touched it up & check it out now...

i will take some better photos once it's healed but i absolutely LOVE it!! the colours are so vibrant & i really love all of the new details. i realize the corner of the photo is a little dark from his studio light, but the quote says 'full of life & full of love' which you may recognize from a song ;)

& here we are today, wednesday. i accomplished so much before 3PM today. had a nice sleep in, a delicious breakfast, got my taxes done, went to the gym, the library & the grocery store! now i'm going to clean up my office/studio space & work on some new black&bronze pieces! 

oh & by the way, i remember telling you guys about my amazing leather jacket that i found for a whole $20 when we were in toronto for our anniversary? that's it in the photo above. it's perfect!! i've been on the hunt for a real leather jacket (in my price range so usually at thrift shops) & finally found it, after 5 years!

how is your week going so far? we're halfway there!!