March 6, 2013

whole30 day 9

hello! it's day 9 here, last day of single digits then i'll be in the big leagues, woo! the last few days have (mostly) been a breeze. i was having a fantastic day yesterday and really feeling 'the magic' so they call it, then after i went to the gym & came home, i was having some pretty intense cravings but they went away & here i am today being so, so glad that i did not give in to them!!

my days have been looking a lot like this:

9am: breakfast 
2-3 eggs & a smoothie (frozen or fresh berries, water, applesauce)
this morning i added coconut milk instead of water & holy moly it is delicious! i had never tried it before but it is so damn!

1-2pm: lunch
generally i will eat whatever i had for dinner the previous night, i make enough for 2 meals and save one for lunch the following day. lately it has been pork chops (yum!) with unsweetened apple sauce and either steamed or grilled veggies & a few kiwis for dessert

7pm: dinner
again, dinners consist of either a fish (trout, salmon, tilapia) or pork chop, steak or chicken & plenty of veggies either grilled or steamed.
mikey & i have been doing dinners together & they have been helping a lot as i have been trying to get him on the healthy track as well!

i haven't found that i have to snack much between meals. they say that's good and that's what generally happens when you are eating properly and filling your body with good foods. if i do need a snack, a couple of nuts or a banana usually fill me up!

for 'dessert' (it's in quotations because it's changed drastically from what it used to mean) i usually have some raspberries or kiwis. i have been trying to save these as my 'dessert' or treats to separate them from things i normally eat. this helps as it makes me really look forward to having them. i have also found a smoothie usually fills my sweets cravings, and also some caffeine free teas like midsummers night dream from davids tea help to fill that void. i've always had a pretty big sweet tooth & am a lover of all things tasty (cakes, chips, chocolate, cookies - salt or sweet, i'll have 2!)

i have already noticed some changes in my body. i did not take measurements when i started (i wish i had of) but i can definitely feel and see changes. i took photos before i started this & the difference at the end of week 1 is noticeable. waking up with a flat tummy everyday & not feeling (or looking) bloated is the best. not only is it awesome seeing the changes, but for me it's really about feeling them, from the inside. i've always had digestive issues & tummy probs & i seriously feel this whole clean way of eating just might be the cure!

i am loving the whole30 because it has me trying new things (salsa with my eggs? so tasty!) it has me really thinking about & caring about what goes in my body & how it reacts once inside. i feel a change in my interests...i'm looking up new recipes & exercises & have become a little bit of a health freak all of a sudden. i watched a really terrific documentary called 'hungry for change' the other day & it completely changed my outlook on a lot of foods (do you even know how many hidden sugars there are in the foods you eat everyday? there are so many different names for sugar that it's hiding in almost everything) i highly recommend giving this docu a watch!

so folks, it's day 9...i'm feeling great & confident about continuing for the next 21 days & am already thinking about continuing a modified version of this when it's over.