April 8, 2013

a lovely weekend indeed

my morning smoothies always make me smile, and to be honest i get really sad when they're over. i could eat smoothies all day everyday.

the 'after work beer' always ends up being 5 or 6, never just the 1. i was happy though because we had great conversation & i always love time spent with these two. i'm so lucky to have the best second family!

sunday was a lovely day off spent with this guy.
it was so nice out, we had the doors & windows open & the fresh air was much needed!

a black&bronze update was needed & sunday i had some time to create!
there are new items listed in the shop.

today was such a typical cliche monday...aka: it sucked. it was slow downtown which makes for long days at the shop. not mention it was rainy & grey most of the day too. tomorrow should be better [checks weather network] or will still be raining...but better because it will be tuesday!