April 18, 2013

toronto times

our trip to toronto was amazinggg! we had the best weather on monday which was our main day there. it was gorgeous out & it's a good thing because we did a lot of walking! we did a lot of shopping & wandering & i found some pretty finds at public butter & in kensington market which i'm sure you'll see in outfit posts to come. our hotel ended up being in the chinese mall on spadina (aka: hello kitty heaven!) and it was pretty awesome considering how cheap it was & prime location too. anyway, we had a yummy dinner at everest & some beers in the hotel room before heading to lees palace to see fu manchu!

they put on a REALLY good show! we had seen them once before but i definitely enjoyed them 100% more this time around.

after the show we headed back to the hotel & partied til about 5 in the morning, oops! it was a late night, but an amazing time & was much needed. i'm so freaking thankful to have the friends that i do (some of which i get to call family) i will never ever be the kind of person to take my friends for granted. 

i also popped into s-trip to visit one of my best girls julie at work. that was fun but kind of a tease because i miss her immensely & would have loved to have spent actual time with her. soon!!

oh, wanna hear the song i'm obsessed with currently? of course you do

...not even embarassed at all. snoop dogg er...lion & major lazer? YUP!