May 10, 2013

slow ride. take it easy.

i'm learning to take things slow...

it's an ongoing process for me & something i have to remind myself on a daily basis & teach myself how to do. whether it's rushing around in the morning; downing my coffee & breakfast, throwing on some clothes & running out the door to work...or walking quickly - everywhere (cause i'm just a fast walker) or feeling like i should be doing something when i actually find myself having downtime, we constantly feel like we should be rush rush rushing around, busying ourselves with something or working & accomplishing something - always. i really wish this wasn't the case & i am definitely trying to get better at it.

i want to wake up earlier & enjoy my coffee instead of chugging it back while i'm doing my makeup

i want to leisurely walk to work instead of worrying about being late...unless of course we're running late ;)

i want to slow down & enjoy every bite of my dinner instead of thinking of what i'm going to do next

i want to read every word instead of skimming through quickly

i want to enjoy every moment of time spent with friends instead of letting my mind drift off elsewhere

i want to take time - to take things slowly 

we're in no isn't going anywhere, and if it is it's only going to pass by at an alarming rate & one day we'll wake up & wonder where it all went because we didn't take things slower. 
enjoy every moment. 
let things be.
it's okay to stop.
it's okay to walk a little slower.

take it easy.