May 12, 2013

to my amazing, caring, generous, loving, hilarious momma; without her i wouldn't be the person that i am today. i notice on an (almost) daily basis how much i am reminding myself of my mum, and of course at first when i was younger i thought 'oh great' but the older i get, the more i appreciate the fact that i want to be like my mum because she's an amazing human being...and i could be so lucky to turn out as wonderful as she is. 

as i grew up she was not only my mother but also my best friend; a person that i could go to with absolutely any problem or question & she would give the best advice or just let me talk or cry or whatever i needed to do. she is patient and loving and will do anything for anyone at anytime. 

again, the older i get the more i appreciate my mum and all that she has done for kyle & i. i can only hope to be as amazing a mother to my kids one day as she is for us

love you mum ♥

(one more mothers day post for you to mum is too awesome to let this day go by without a special blog post)