October 14, 2013

( give thanks )

thanksgiving was yesterday here in canada & so i thought it wouldn't be fair to let a weekend/opportunity to share what i'm thankful for to go pass without recognition.

i don't get a thanksgiving dinner this year *womp womp* as my families was yesterday & we couldn't make it to that one & tonight is mikey's families & i will be slinging drinks at the sports bar i work at so i guess i could complain about the fact that i don't get turkey & stuffing & wine & deliciousness but instead the part here to be thankful for is that a) i have 2 wonderful families in my life & b) i have 2 jobs that i truly do enjoy :)

i'm also always thankful for...
my amazing boyfriend who puts up with me even though i know that isn't the easiest job sometimes - for his forgiveness, kindness, sense of humor & his love; i am forever thankful for that.

my immediate family who have put up with my shit for longer than mikey has ;) except they don't get a choice, he does...i am thankful for their patience, ability to let me be & encourage who i am, for always being there for me when i need them, for loving me unconditionally

my friends near & far, those that i have known since high school & still maintain a solid relationship with, those that i see every single day, those that i work with, those that are also now my family...i have always had many amazing friends in my life & i am oh-so thankful for that. friends are so important to my sanity.

i am thankful for the roof over my head, the food in my fridge, the fat little furball that lives in my house, as previously mentioned my jobs, my health & my happiness!

happy thanksgiving. 
even if you're in the states & it's not your thanksgiving, it feels good to give thanks. so, what are you thankful for??