November 21, 2013


oh hi! it's been awhile eh? my last post was in october, where the heck has november gone? it's almost over even! i feel like lots has happened & in order for me to even attempt to remember, i revert back to instagram. thank god for instagram.

a few posts ago i mentioned a new piece of art i was getting...on my skin from my friend teddy, well it's all healed up & quickly became my favourite.

we went to niagra falls to surprise bryan (middle) for his 10 year anniversary with the shops. 

while we were there i threw $10 into the 1 cent slot machines & won $145!! so that was awesome!

last weekend we went to blue mountain for my future sisters bachelorette party, lots of fun! it was also nice to relax in the hot tub at our chalet. i also got to catch up with a friend i don't see often so overall it was a lovely weekend.

mikey has been spending more time in the kitchen lately which has had delicious results. coming home to a clean house & home cooked meal is basically the best thing ever.

i went to toronto with 2 friends, stayed overnight, woke up at 4am & went to stand in line in the cold to be the first to shop the isabel marant collection for H&M. the whole experience was a ton of fun...even the sleep deprived shopping we did at yorkdale afterwards was a blast! 

this halloween was the first time i've ever relied solely on face makeup for my costume. it was a ton of fun to do, even though most people had no idea what i was!

i've been listening to this remix of (probably) my favourite song; electric feel & i'm thinking this one is even better than the original. i've really been into this kind of slow, electro-dance music's calming but still interesting. i blame the 'chill' sirius xm station at work of which i started listening to & now can't stop!

november has been busy! busy is good though, right? it's almost 1 month until christmas & that's kind of terrifying. november has FLOWN by...i say this every month...but seriously! i'm looking forward to december because on the 30th we're flying to JAMAICA where my brother is getting marrrried!! it felt like so far away for so many months & now it's almost here!! 

i hope everyone is doing well. though i don't post often, i'm still reading!