February 27, 2014

black+white = forever

1/ white nails. 
so simple & totally reminds me of painting my nails with white out when i was bored in math class, especially because the sally hansen complete salon manicure colour i use is aptly named 'white out'
2/ i never, ever fall in love with sandals, i'm a boots gal through & through.
i fell in love with this sandal. sloan from circus by sam edelman (we just happen to carry it at my work, hello summer!)
3/ black leather tote bag.
i'm dying for a clean & simple one like this guy from everlane 
4/ lounge wear. all the damn time.
i'm so glad i work at a place where i have fashion freedom & am encouraged to try new trends, such as wearing  lounge pants in public. amen!

i realized after saving this collage that everything was black&white. i would say it's a problem, but i'm totally okay with it, so it's actually a solution.