February 8, 2014

everlane //

if you know anything about me or my sense of style by now, you should know that i am 100% into basics. i once thought that wearing basics must mean that you're a simple or plain person, simple i am not. i believe that the perfect outfit (for me) starts with some solid basics & that shoes & accessories are what 'make' the outfit. it's a pretty easy formula to follow & one that has worked for me every since i really felt like 'me' when it came to personal style. 

trends come & go, basics are forever...or something like that ;)

whenever i come across a new basics brand i always get a teeny bit excited. sure you can find basics anywhere, almost every single store carries them because well, they're basics! but not every store carries good basics. you know what i'm sayin'?

everlane is a company that knows good basics. everlane designs & produces all of their own goods which means that their factories are in LA, they are upfront about their costs & reveal their true mark ups which they do so based on a web-only site. they've cut out the middle man to reveal a smaller cost for their consumers...what comes of this is amazing, well-built, everyday classics. 

i just placed my first order from everlane for a few of their basic t-shirts (though the silk long sleeves look incredible!) & i urge you to check them out as well. the prices are right, their morals are right & they look comfy as all hell! i'll take it.

this is a non-sponsored post. just a company i'm excited about ;)