December 11, 2008

facehunter this week.

one of my favourite blogs is facehunter, i think it's awesome! one day, i'll be facehunted and on this site (i can only hope) but've just got to wonder!

blue lipstick, really? i remember when that was cool in grade six...five...? maybe it wasn't even cool, just one of those things that you got at the dollar store thinking it was cool!

in other news:
this girl...totally cute.

why oh why couldn't i have been born asian?
i find most people find that they were born in the wrong era...ya know, they're super mod and should have been born in the 6os or they're totally hippies and should have been born in the 7os...some people even find they were born the wrong gender. but me, i was born the wrong race. hmph! only super cute asian people can pull super kawaii looks. i, on the other hand, would probably look ridiculous in such outfits. no fair!
(side note: i hope no one takes offence to this post. i'm not sure why they would seeing as i'm saying i wish i was a certain race, no hate, just love. i'm jealous, that's all)