December 11, 2008

hi! it's me. your friendly neighbourhood tea granny.
i've decided to start blogging, neat hey? i mean everyone else has one...why not? i'm not sure what's going to be included yet...probably random things; photos, thoughts, ideas, crafts, etc...the usual! it's going to be fun, that's all i know!!

the gal in particular who made me want to start blogging is miss stefanie:

she's the cutest girl and she has a sweet blog that i check every day (ps: post mooore!)

you can check that out at:

so if you're reading this then you must want to (so thankyou)
...or you stumbled upon it by accident ( and for that, i'm sorry)

pwef; i'm glad that's over
the first post is always awkard. filled what 'what do i say's and such.