December 19, 2008

peterborough looks like a snowglobe right now! snow! snow! snowy snow! i hope this random all-day-long snowfest doesn't stop my mum from coming to visit me tomorrow!! we were supposed to have lunch and go shopping and she was going to be the best mum and take all of my laundry home and do it for me! considering i haven't done laundry in well over a month that would have been lovely...*sigh* here's hoping she still comes. i miss her!!
i'm very sad to say that i'm missing little miss christmas herself, julie ross' christmas party tonight. it's one of my favourite things at this time of year & i'm missing it...bah humbug!!

ps: the photo above was taken in B.C by a friend of mine.
photo props to jacob allen-jordan for taking an absolutely breathtaking photo.
(pps: last night after taking that benadryl, i passed out. twelve hour sleep; wowza!)