December 18, 2008

♥ life is cute ♥
some people get seasonal depression, some people (like myself) get into happier moods, what with the holidaze and all. so for those who are feeling a little's some super cuteness!

once again my most favourite contemporary artist in the world has done a print that i want...sorry, need to own. where's that money tree i ordered on ebay; lol! his prints are so cutesy but so true to life as well. know what i mean? he's one of those people that can make absolutely anything and eeeveryone will find (in one way or another) that they can relate to it. this one is the cutest i think i've come across. you can check out more stuff at

cute babies!! living in peterborough has it's perks, lots of baby mamas...therefore lots of babies (even if their mum is trash) baby = still cute (usually!) & speaking of cute things...oh my goodness !!! (photo below)

pretty much sums that right up!

i'm gonna have to cut this short. i took benadryl about an hour ago and they are definitely kicking in. body buzz...

i feel funny.