December 17, 2008

said here i am...

i am currently sitting on my living room floor, listening to something corporate and wrapping christmas presents all cutesty wootsey and making equally as cutesy wootsey christmas cards. i throughly enjoy sitting on the floor, no matter how uncomfy hardwood can sometimes be, sitting on the floor usually means i'm doing something crafty and that, is always a good thing.

another good thing; something corporate. i have loved you since i first saw you at warped tour some six or so years ago. i will always love you, no matter how cheesy and highschool'esque and 'emo' some (okay, most) of your lyrics are.

konstantine will always be one of my top three fave songs and i don't care who knows it!! oh ya, dashboards cool too. go ahead, poke fun...

ps: only eight more chocolates left on your advent calendar

(unless yours is like mine and it has til new years; yessss!)