February 17, 2009

back to life, back to reality...
i dunno why that song came to mind when i started writing haha, maybe cause mikey and i are back from toronto and...back to reality?? lol. idk!
anyway. we had a looooovely time celebrating our one year anniversary; it was really really nice. we took the bus down early yesterday, checked into the hotel (westin harbour castle) which had the biggest&comfiest bed of life (king size with like 3 duvets on top!) i never wanted to leave it...

then we went for a swim/hot tub/sauna at the pool...came upstairs, lounged around in bed for a bit, watched a movie (step brothers, pretttty bad) then got ready for dinner and headed to the keg; mmmm. my fave! mikey had never been there so we definitely had to go. steak&baked potato ♥ after we came home and had some wine and more loungin' time. also i gave mikey the scrapbook i had been working on for him :) he loved it!!

the view from the hotel was pretty neat...i liked the ice (ps: this boat is a restaurant. cool right? too bad the food is shit and makes you barf...right dad?)

today we walked around toronto and did some shopping...neither of us were overly impressed with the shops, nothing special. that and my goodness are the people in toronto ever rude! you walk into a shop and they don't even acknowledge your existence. the people, they walk around like they are in their own little worlds...someone bumps into you, they don't even look at you let alone apologize. anyway! i got some cute shades, red glasses, a cute owl coin purse and a plaid shirt...& of course we went to the photobooth ♥

she missed us! lol @ the bum/vice magazine in the back!

this shit is cuuuute!

ahaha awww...we have the cutest babycat! i have tomorrow off as well which is awesome! the online class i'm doing started a few days ago so i'm going to start working on the first scrapbook, i'll be sure to post photos!