February 17, 2009

these are fun. ps: tag! you're it...

one: i lick all the flavour off of potato chips before i eat them (& funnily enough, so does mikey)

two: one day i want to own an old photobooth.

three: i am officially an old lady. i just bought one of those pully things with wheels (for my laundry) hey, at least it's red plaid & pretty cute.

four: i see the world as opportunities for photographs. you'll often find me saying "this would be a cute photo"

five: i'm twenty two and have just recently started thinking about what i'd like my wedding to be like...i think most girls start way earlier.

six: i've been obsessed with skitts lately (lol, skittles)

seven: i want a thousand more tattoos. okay, maybe not a thousand but a lot! (sorry mum...)

eight: also...i want a thousand more cats...but actually this time, a thousand.

nine: i wish i could just sew and make cute things for a living...

ten: i'm starting to like sparkly things a lot more then i use to. and just girlier things in general, i never really did before. still not down with pink yet.

eleven: i'm getting over the whole 'i want/need to move to toronto' thing...kind of over it. nice place to visit but i'm not sure i'd want to live there.

twelve: i have some REALLY cute outfits in mind for spring. why can't it be warm?

thirteen: i actually enjoy taking buses.

fourteen: i probably pee green tea. that's how much i drink it.

fifteen: i (still) really love the song 'put it on me' by ja rule...and am not ashamed to say it.

sixteen: i miss babysitting.

seventeen: i really love that mikey has good style. i really don't think i could date someone who was a bad dresser...maybe that makes me shallow but my goodness is it ever true.

eighteen: i found the cutest red boots today ($15!) they had white polka dots on them and lace around the trim. did they have my size? nope. does this always happen to me? yep (oh and ps: i will never stop buying shoes. i'm obsessed with boots. i'd wear them every single day if i could...well actually, i can. and i do)

nineteen: speaking of obsessions (my latest one) ♥ my mums sewing machine she let me borrow.

twenty: i couldn't live without popcorn.