February 9, 2009

i have the next two days off, hurray!! i plan on sleeping in, drinking lots of tea, making some cute valentines, going for walks (it's been so nice out lately!), using my sewing machine lots (pillows are next on the list) and tomorrow as i've mentioned, going to see 'hes just not that into you' pretty excited about it :) also to spend some time with these two pretty girls who i haven't seen in foreverrr...(ps: i miss you gals...and we shouldn't have to)

haha we were dressed as b-girls for a costume party in the summer; so fun! speaking of things i miss...i miss living with katelyn & meg (shown above) i also miss other things about that place...

this wall art i did with some broken mirrors. just organized them into explosion like shapes and glued them up onto the wall...

i miss this fatty...so soft & cuddly (omg i forgot how cute this photo is)

drinking beers on the roof at bry, jess and ians apartment in the summer. ahhh, basically i just miss summer. i want it back REAL bad. soon enough....(riiiiiight)

i had the rudest customer call me at work today. i won't go into details but he asked me if i had a brain...if everyone who worked there was 'like me' (whatever that was supposed to mean) and actually even threatened to get a lawyer...about what, i really couldn't tell you. he was mad that the price plan that HE chose didn't have a feature he thought it did...may i remind you, HE chose that price plan...ya, lame. some people are so hilarious! i was having a hard time not laughing at him...it's pretty funny when customers get SO angry.

take that angry man.