February 8, 2009

how cute is my header? stef made it for me! thank you so much pretty girl ♥ (ps: send me your address i have something for you!)

today at work i had three people in a row with matchy first and last names. the funniest one was ann dan...no lie, that was her name. what kind of parents would do something like that to her child? i almost giggled when she told me.

tuesday i'm going to see 'hes just not that into you' pretty excited cause i've heard lots of cute and girly things about it. then i need to read the book again (fully) as i never have. i feel like every girl should own that book, no? then again he is that into me...so maybe i don't need it? lol.

tomorrow morning mikey and i are going to go for breakfast at speak easy (our favourite breakfast joint) and then for a nice walk. i hope the weather is as nice as it was today...that would be great!

i made lots of cute new snugglies tonight (erika named them that. i think it's a super cute name for them...the cellphone holders i've been sewing) these ones are the cutest ones yet...i bought lots of stuff for them at wal-mart and these ones are definitely my favourites! (i'd post some photos but i want them to be a surprise for those lucky people getting them)