February 8, 2009


guess what! guess what! i woke up to birds chirping this morning...birds!! that means it can't be 50 below zero or else they'd be frozen to death. birds!!! that means spring...ooooh eeeee something about spring just makes me want to write in pink and purple! haha.
i wish i had a cute bicycle like this one when spring does decide to roll around

wouldn't that be lovely?

speaking of lovely...other lovely things in my life:

managing my bank account (working out quite nicely)

having a lovely sewing machine (& therefore having something to do on my days off and nights where i don't feel like going out)

valentines day coming up and even though i think it's a silly commercial holiday and that you should do cute things for the person you love all the time not just on one day, it's still really nice to have someone to call your own on valentines day...i can't deny that.

it's sunday! new postsecret today: www.postsecret.com

mikey & i's one year is coming up as well, on the 16th! this calls for more hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!

how cuuute is this pin cushion from etsy.com (Smarmypants)

julie ross, naturally i thought of you cause a) it's a cupcake and b) it's a pin cushion and i know you just got/love your sewing machine as well!