March 5, 2009

eeeeee ♥

i've decided to start saving up for something really exciting (well for me anyway) as it's something i have wanted for many many years's going to take some dedication to save but i can do it!! i'm hoping to have enough saved by the summer (or mid summer) to make the purchase!

i don't know what model i want or what exactly i'm even looking for...i'm just really tired of my shitty little 6.0 mexa pixel digi's great for party photos for sure but i want a real camera, i think i deserve one! i was hoping maybe any readers who know anything about cameras could give me a hand (jacob, i'm looking at you here) i want something simple, easy to use, nothing fancy, something i can love and adore so i can start enjoy taking photos again!

well that's my news for today. good workout this afternoon, weather got kind of gloomy and grey so i'm inside crafting for the rest of the day, glorious!! i'm currently making something awfully similar to this for miss julie ross (duh!) i'm going to make a bunch actually, buttons and magnets; cuuuute!

not sure who to give photo cred too...but these little guys are so adorable!!