March 5, 2009

today is a good day!

i woke up to my incredible boyfriend looking at me and telling me i look beautiful (i know...awwww!) what a better way to start your day right? :)
i slept in today, had some cute cuddles with little miss andy, made myself some tea and toast (&jam!) and did my daily online check. i'm currently listening to snow patrol as well...their new cd is sososo pretty! if you've never listened, give it a won't regret it. such an amazing voice

i reallyreallyreally wanted to spend some time catching up with my online class as i am so behind on the projects but today is so nice out that i might just have to put that off a little bit longer...gotta take advantage of these nice days. spring, are you coming??

i plan on going to the gym as well and then probably working on some of the projects a little later. i have some cute ideas for them! excited to start. new seasons are so inspiring and i can't wait for spring! i know i'm getting ahead of myself as this is canada and we've still got a good couple months to go but a girl can wish right...i'm sick of wearing tons of layers, like so...

i know you're jealous of my buggy though...

okay. off to enjoy the day ♥