March 3, 2009

i hatehatehate being sick...especially the kind where you are absolutely incapable of doing anything but sleeping. i feel so...behind? i feel like those past two days were like the last half of february and all of a sudden it's march? crazy. today i'm feeling a little bit better but two days of not leaving the house, taking lots of meds, sleeping crazy amounts and only eating popsicles...leaves one feeling incredibly weak & dreary on that third day. at least i have no more of the yucky symptoms...just very very weak & having troubles focusing [weird?]

the sun is shining though and it felt nice to get some fresh air, that's all i need at this point i think. oh ya and lots of water&tea. mikey's sick now too though [sorry babe!] not quite to the extent of what i had but still...being sick is shitty. lucky for me i have a pretty awesome immune system, i can't really remember the last time i was that sick, it's been awhile.

well, time to get ready for work!

this was taken at strangelove thursday night (before all the sickness went down) so much fun!