March 2, 2009

well, saturday night was fun...until i threw up; kind of ruined the visits with richy&peter as i was sick in bed all day sunday.
when you're at home with the flu, basically the only thing you have energy for is moving your fingers along a keyboard so that's all i'm doing today. yesterday i was completely bedridden and cute little andy electric stayed in bed with me all day and kept me company...even though i was sleeping basically the whole day. mikey went to the store and got me banana & chocolate popsicles cause that's all i feel like eating when i'm sick, since i was little (my mum would always get them for me) anyway, being sick sucks and i hope it's over really soon (that & i can't afford to miss this much work!!)
so since i'm sick & bored here's my spring/summer wish list from

i'm convinced that they actually made this dress for me! too bad it won't magically appear in my closet before the wedding i'm going to with cute! so cute! sooooo cute!!i don't have any idea what i would use this parasol for, but i would find definitely something.

i would wear this with the dress that was made for me.

i'm in love...a necklace for people who love sewing...hey, that's me! i wish i had the energy to sew today...hmph.these are so adorable. i can't wait to buy cute shorts!oh heck. i would wear this everyday if i owned it.i take it back...i'd alternate between these two!

obviously the cutest purse, red&white AND

has anyone checked out google today? dr.seuss! so neat. maybe i'm crazy but i actually googled 'google' to try and find a photo of it...i think it's the drugs and lack of eating due to the flu...time for bed i think.