March 23, 2009

if only i was 22 in the 50s...
tomorrow is my day off; and i'm really looking forward to it! i miss having two days off in a row, i'm not sure why that changed but i would like it to go back to that please&thankyou. at least mikey & i have one full day off together. i can't wait until may when the new training classes come out and they get stuck with the crappy three til midnight shifts cause i'm just about sick of 'em.
this little blythe doll is so cute & springy! and makes me want to dye my hair pale blue & maybe even wear a pink dress (that'll be the day...)

the other day was the first day of spring; hurray! it's about time. the sun has been shining for the past couple weeks but the last couple days have been cold still, i'm ready for real (consistent) warm weather please!!

alright, off to work.