March 21, 2009

recently i have seen a lot of this girl in peoples blogs...audrey kitching. who is this pretty lady and why can't i have her long thick pretty pink hair?? (probably extensions...regardless. she may have just made up my mind about cutting/growing my hair. growing it is...forever)

she's so friggin' cute. i wish i had the money to have awesome hair like this. to pay for wicked extensions, a colour job so your hair is constantly bright (mine would be red though, of course) and to have a hair stylist to make it look sweet, all of the time. i know i'll probably change my mind by like, next week and want to cut my hair again but for now...i think i'm going to keep growing it. it's doing pretty well too. it's just going to be a lot of ponytails, headbands & hats...i haaate the awkward in between stage more then anything (well...maybe not anything) but it's pretty annoying. today i wore it like this:

hmmm, what do we think? i know somedays i like it big&curly and other days it drives me nuts when it's like this! i got some compliments on it though today, so that's always nice! ya, i think i'm going to let it grow...that and i don't have monies for a haircut right now anyways so it works. it's funny though cause last week i was all gung-ho on getting it cut short again...i'm such a gemini.

i made this tonight. i've been really loving making little pictures on small canvases!